Piles or Hemorrhoids

Author: Dr. Paramesh Banerji

Swelling in the anal passage causing obstruction and pain during passage of Bowels. Often found associated with pain and bleeding. Sometimes there is painless bleeding associated with this disease with or without bowels. It is almost never a life threatening disease.


Our Treatment Strategy

It's a very standard treatment for us with near 100% reporting a significant outcome.

What do our patients experience after taking our treatment?

We address the pain and bleeding which is arrested mostly within hours and sometime days with our medication. The swelling also begins to subside in days and sometimes may take a few weeks depending on the case.

Besides medication to quickly and permanently heal the patient suffering from piles or haemorrhoids, we also have a very simple management advice which quickens the healing process and prevents recurrence.

In a good proportion of cases, one of the causes of piles is constipation or hard and irregular bowel motions, which we also treat alongside the piles. The management advice that we give for piles also helps in regularising the constipation without the need for any purgatives.