Brain Tumor Treatment, Mrs AL

A patient of ours, Mrs. AL residing in USA, kindly agreed to share her experience of of discovering and treating a brain tumor. This video clip was recorded during a chat with Dr Paramesh Banerji during 2015 (via Telemedicine video). (The words in the video are solely her own - we have edited out some pauses, personal details and unclear words. Mrs AL agrees that this video is a true representation of what she wishes to tell.)

Brain Tumor Treatment

A personal story by Mrs. AL, USA



Mrs AL had been experiencing migraine problems for several years, for which she took painkillers. But then she started to experience a different, greater pain which she had never had before. So she went to her office doctor and he said 'Why don't you go for a scan, a CT scan'. From the results of the scan, the doctor could see that there was something there and she was recommended to go for an MRI scan.

From the MRI scan, they could see that she had a brain tumor and that she had had a 'brain stroke'. She says "This made me more panicky as I never knew that I had a brain stroke." [0:45s]

She went to a renowned neurologists, referred by her office doctor. Mrs AL showed him her case and all the records, everything. And the neurologist confirmed that she had already had a stroke and that this is very, very serious and that, immediately, they needed to do a biopsy. [1:07s]

Well she became very upset as he started to ask her some questions like: "how many kids do you have", "what is your life like"; "how big are your kids" - and then she understood that the neurologist was explaining that her longevity was very, very short.

"It was a nightmare for me. Mentally, like, I was prepared that I will not be living for very long." [1:25s]

One week later Mrs AL visited the Dr P Banerji Clinics. She met Dr Paramesh Banerji. She says, "And I remember your words: 'Ma'am, you will not die!'. This was the thing you told me at that time. And, that, I felt, that was the turning point of my life - for getting a new life." [1:43s]

Mrs AL continues: "So, after starting [our homeopathic] medicines, after two weeks the pain that I had been having started reducing. With that support and that strength I got from you I moved to the US. And right now I'm here, in front of you!" [1:55s]

"A person undergoing surgery, how well can he live as I am living now? If I had a surgery, I think I would have lived I don't know what kind of life. But I am not living anything less not having a surgery and having your medicines. Because I am continuing my daily life; I am enjoying life. I am doing everything, I am fine." [2:17s]

"When I came to the US, after 2 years, I did an MRI scan over here. So at that time the doctor asked me 'What are you taking these days?' So I said: 'Nothing! I'm just taking homeopath medicines. So he said: 'What is that?' Then I just showed him those pills. Then he said 'What is the name of the medicine?'. Then I said it doesn't have any name because you can't find it in any store. Because you know that is a particular medicine centre and a doctor, they are researching - it is their work and they are providing this. So the doctor said 'OK, you give me time because I will sit with other neurosurgeons and neurologist doctors and discuss your case.'" [2:59s]

"So after 2 weeks, like, he gave me a call and he said 'We saw your case and we don't want to disturb your treatment. Whatever you are doing I think you can continue. Because it is 2 years and you are fine with that. I think you should continue whatever you are doing. ' " [3:14s]

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