Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, Mr NM

An ex-patient of ours, Mr NM residing in Arizona in Texas, kindly agreed to share his experience of his Multiple Sclerosis and what happened through our treatment. This video clip was recorded during a progress check with our Dr P Banerji during 2015 (via Telemedicine video). (The words in the video are solely his own - we have edited out some pauses, personal details and unclear words. Mr NM agrees that this video is a true representation of what he wishes to tell.)

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

A personal story by Mr. NM, Arizona


Mr NM's MS journey started at 31 yrs of age, when on an ordinary day, whilst coming home from his office in early 2007, he suffered what he describes as a kind of numbness or weakness on one side of his body. Mr NM tells us: "my situation was that bad that, you know, I was not able to pull my left leg".

Quickly, Mr NM met a renowned doctor, who was on the panel at TATA, Pune. [This is a doctor of conventional western medicine (allopathic medicine). Many of our patients, like Mr NM's himself, seek conventional medical treatment as their first step - only later coming to us to see how the Advanced Homeopathy system could actually help them.]

So, the Pune doctor suggested Mr NM take a CT scan and an MRI. It was the MRI that uncovered something seriously wrong. Mr NM remained in the hospital for 5 days, taking medication - without any clear diagnosis.

But, back in the USA, six months later in July 2007, a second relapse occurred. Mr NM tells us, "Again I got the same relapse - and this time it was on the right side of my body".

Mr NM travelled to India [to stay with relatives] and there took an appointment with another renowned doctor in Bombay Hospital [a doctor of conventional medicine once again].

This doctor said that the scans were actually depicting typical symptoms of multiple sclerosis. So he referred Mr. NM to a senior specialist neurologist doctor in Pune. This third doctor started treating Mr. NM with an ongoing course of medication including steroids.

Nonetheless, unfortunately, Mr. NM had a third major relapse (in February 2008).

It was at this point that Mr. NM dropped a line in an email to our Dr P Banerji's Advanced Homeopathy clinics with the single query: "I am having this problem. Do you have a cure for it?"

Well, after a day or so, Mr. NM got a call from Dr Banerji himself, directly. Mr. NM described all the details of his situation and submitted his previous CT and MRI scan reports to us for our consideration (which he sent to us by email, as part of our Telemedicine service).

Dr Banerji and his team reviewed Mr. NM's situation and devised a plan of treatment appropriate to the patient - incorporating our specific Advanced Homeopathy medicines planned for each stage of the patient's recovery.

Mr NM commenced our treatment and in the video he goes on to explain "suddenly I found that within 2 months the improvement was tremendous. You know, my speech or my dragging or, you know, the lethargy over the day - EVERYTHING got improved! I met my doctor again, the neurologist, and he suggested for me to go for MRI. And the MRI showed it very positive. … eventually I dropped all those steroids. I'm not even taking a single anti-acid, steroids or anything. I was [at this point] completely on homeopathy [Editor: i.e. treated solely by Dr Banerji's team via our Telemedicine service]"

Since starting our treatment in 2008 to the making of this video in 2015, Mr. NM has had not one single relapse. In fact, in the video, Mr. NM says that all the symptoms 'have been wiped away'.

Nowadays, Mr. NM is not needing any medicines at all for Multiple Sclerosis [so our Advanced Homeopathy treatment has done its job and the treatment plan has concluded].