Female Diseases Treatment Without Surgery

Author: Dr. Paramesh Banerji

We are able to treat all kinds of irregularities with respect to Menstrual periods. Whether it is timing, duration, pains and the nature of the same. menorrhagia or hypermenorrhea, metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhea or menorrhalgia, amenorrhea, double menses, caused by whatever reason - including ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, endometriosis are all very successfully treated by us. We have routine procedures in place which very quickly restores normality back into the woman's life without having to consider HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or Surgery for any of these reasons.

Our Treatment

We are able to treat these irregularities without the use of any Hormones or HRT. Therefore our treatment is completely side-effect free.

Hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of stroke by almost a third, a review of clinical trials says. - BBC News, 7th January, 2005

What do our patients experience?

  • Their menstrual periods are becoming regular.

  • The flow becomes more consistent and normalised.

  • Pain during the menses is also comes down

  • They become and remain independent of all kinds of Hormone Replacement Therapies and Conventional medicines