Pain Management Using Homeopathy

Based on the extensive clinical and research experience of serving millions of prescriptions using exclusively Homeopathy covering the widest spectrum of diseases we have been able to design disease specific repeatable procedures of managing pain. In simple words we have created disease specific Homeopathic pain killers. Unlike conventional belief our medicines work in minutes and the relief provided is often of much better quality than conventional pain killers which only mask the pain without actually treating the cause - even if it is a localised symptom of a larger disease.

One other vital point is that our pain medications do not have any side-effects unlike all conventional painkillers.


  • Spondylosis - Back ache, neckache

  • Headache

    • Chronic - Headache

    • Acute - headache

    • Gastric - headache

    • Sun headache

    • Sinus headache

    • Migraine headache
  • Renal colic - kidney or ureteric stone

  • Gall colic - gallbladder stones

  • Salivary gland stone - sialolithiasis

  • Fractures and Injury - pains related to injury with or without confirmatory fracture

  • Arthritic pains

    • rheumatoid

    • osteo

    • psoriatic
  • Earache

  • Throat pains

  • Tooth and gum pains including:

    • caries (tooth decay)

    • wisdom tooth
  • Discomfort associated with other diseases