Ovarian Cyst Treatment Without Surgery

An effective ovarian cyst treatment in advanced homeopathy


  • no surgery and so is chosen by many women to avoid the risk of hysterectomy, HRT and infertility complications - providing benefits of no hospitalization and low distress.
  • root causes specific to you and your condition are treated, across all your symptoms, whether from ovarian cysts or through associated conditions such as PCOD, endometriosis or infections.
  • pain, discomfort and irregular, heavy, scanty or intermittent periods are also treated. We aim to return your normal cycle within months, to normalise any fertility issues and avoid early menopause (no hysterectomy or ovariectomy)

We have developed treatment protocols (which include health maintenance management plans) for many gynecological conditions. Across several years of practice, our team of doctors have great experience, achieving results through Advanced Homeopathy treatment methods that are quite different to those of standard procedures you may already know about.

Many women choose to consult with our clinic’s doctors over their skype video or phone (sending reports to our doctors in the clinic via email) - the treatment and results are equivalent to women who attend our clinic in person (at our main clinic in West Bengal, Kolkata (Calcutta) or others). Female doctors are within our team and can be requested to be your doctor.

Ovarian Cysts Treatment Details

The conventional world of medicine aims at surgically decongesting or removing the cyst. We don’t believe this is the right approach. First we understand the circumstances surrounding the patient in terms of their medical history of the patient. We are particularly interested to know if the person is under any hormone replacement therapy (some of which are commonly used in the treatment of hypothyroidism).

We then put together a treatment strategy, after a proper detailed case taking, which includes documentation of the menstrual irregularities that the patient may be experiencing.

Mosts treatments are over a period of between eight to ten months. This is required since we are not directly aiming to remove the cyst, unlike in conventional medicine where the physical cyst is surgically treated. Here we give oral medication which is designed to provide a permanent correction in the system.

Once the medicines start - we take feedback on a month by month basis. We request two kinds of feedback: what the patient is experiences - the improvements that are happening periodically requesting results of lab tests that we ask the patient to undertake including for cancer antigen 125 (CA 125) through a blood test (usually monitoring indications of ovarian cancer) which if is on the higher side then we give treatment accordingly for this and repeat the test. It is taken as a parameter which indicates improvement.
by repeating ultra sonograms. We can then measure the size of the cyst and compare to the previous ultrasonographs. This gives a confirmation of the progress towards resolution of the problem.

Our treatment goal is to completely rebalance the patient’s hormonal imbalance in their system, which we believe has been involved in the formation of the ovarian cyst. (So, in our treatment, we are trying to address the root cause at the systemic level, the fundamental reason why the gynaecological problems are occurring - correcting these problems that have led to these ovarian cysts from happening, so they won’t occur again.

In the course of the treatment the size of the cysts becomes steadily reduced. Symptoms are also relieved, including pain. Issues such as menstrual irregularities (heavy or scanty or flow or spotting between periods or double menses) are all treated if present.

All of these things are addressed as part of the treatment without the need of using hormone replacement therapy.

So the treatment is under our team of doctors, either within the clinic or through our telemedicine service.


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