Our Research

Author: Dr. Paramesh Banerji

It's the world's largest clinical research operation - with over 14 Million prescriptions served.

Treatment provided is 100% homeopathic for all kinds of diseases because the patients come to us with that objective - most of whom have already availed of the best treatment available for their condition in the world and are convinced that our option is better than that.

It is absolutely essential for us to emphasise that what we are achieving in these most challenging diseases facing mankind is being possible exclusively because of the extensive research over decades covering millions of prescription. This research is valued over US $ 2.5 billion and the outcome of the research is proprietary in nature and is not available to the practitioners of conventional Homeopathy worldwide. Hence, it would be grossly wrong to assume that what is being achieved here can be achieved by Homeopaths who have not been trained or franchised by us.

The main outcome of the research is that it has created disease condition specific treatment strategies.

Aspects of our Research:

Disease specific Homoeopathic treatment procedures that have been verified to work thousands of times. This transforms Homoeopathy from an art to a Science. Thereby making widespread deployment possible worldwide.

Disease specific research . Extensive research on the subject to understand the general consensus about the disease in the International Scientific community. Correlation with the facts on the ground and making our own observations based on the thousands of similar cases at our clinics. Designing Management procedures for each type of disease which may include diet, exercise and other lifestyle suggestions that would speed up the healing process and prevent recurrence.

Research on Conventional Medicines and their impact on the patient at different stages of the disease. This enables us to identify their nature and true side-effects long before they are recognised or admitted in Europe or North America.

Another vital aspect of this Research on conventional medicine is that it has enabled us to design proper strategies of treating patients who have already taking these medicines. We now have procedures in place which enables us to either immediately stop the allopathic medicine or follow a measured phased withdrawal monitoring closely the impact on the patient. There are even a very few medicines where we have concluded that withdrawal is not possible at all - for these we would have to accept and live with the side-effects.

This vast experience enables us to treat virtually any disease. This extensive research has led to the creation of the science of Advanced Homeopathy. Click here to read a primer on Advanced Homeopathy .