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This website provides information about one of the World’s Largest Homeopathic Healthcare Service Operations serving patients from more than 87 countries. The Organisation has been founded by Dr. Paramesh Banerji with points of presence in India, UK and USA and operated by his team.

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It is also the gateway to its Services - Clinics, Telemedicine, Research and Manufacturing.

The website and the operations comprising Advanced Homeopathic Research, Clinics, Manufacturing have been founded and operated by Dr. Paramesh Banerji, who is the third generation in the field of Homoeopathy of the Dr. P. Banerji from India.

This is a continuation of tradition started almost a 100 years ago in 1918. Since then millions of prescriptions have been served and research carried out in constantly improving the efficacy of delivering practical and contemporary Homeopathic Healthcare Services by Dr. Paramesh Banerji’s grandfather, father and for the last 22 years by Dr. Paramesh Banerji himself.

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The most modern Homeopathic Clinics in the world run by large and capable team

Also we have Advanced Homeopathic Clinics at Burdwan, West bengal, India and London, UK.

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Unique but now well proven Direct to Home Homeopathic Healthcare Service delivery over Skype Video, Phone or Email. This is delivered by a fairly large team of expert Homeopaths

You are 3 clicks away from arranging to speak to an expert Homeopath.

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The Clinical and also Fundamental Research has resulted in a version of Modern Homeopathy called ‘Paramesh Banerji Advanced Homeopathic Protocol

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Dr. Paramesh Banerji’s submission to the US FDA about the future of Homeopathy in the USA- Click here

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The basis of a successful Homeopathic treatment are High Quality medicines. In order to make best quality Homeopathic medicines available to patients worldwide Dr. Paramesh Banerji has established a state of the art Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturing Facility in New Jersey, USA.

It manufactures a wide range of Generic Homeopathic Single Remedies as well as proprietary Advanced Homeopathic Medicines.


Dr. Paramesh Banerji has introduced the innovation called ‘PermaPotent Homeopathics’ to the world.

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You can see more about our US Homeopathic Manufacturing at the Paramesh Banerji Life Sciences website -
Go to www.PBLifeSciences.com

 world class Homeopathy Clinics 

 probably the largest in the world for critical disorders - with clinics opening each year  

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 Global Telemedicine Service 

available over skype and telephone

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 Manufacturers of Professional Homeopathics 

 Product design formulated by our clinicians and tested for effectiveness through our clinics' outcomes - manufactured in a GMP facility in USA 

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 Leading Applied Research 

with outstanding progress, advancing the field of homeopathy

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Large clinics, treating thousands of patients each month in India.
With international points of presence both in Europe and USA

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Telemedicine Service

Experts in clinical lab interpretation, second opinions and treatment protocols - from our consultant doctors in India to most everywhere, worldwide, most hours

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Clinical and also Fundamental Research has resulted in the version of Modern Homeopathy which we call ‘Paramesh Banerji Advanced Homeopathic Protocol

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Professional Quality Homeopathics - our manufactured products are proven again and again by thousands of patient outcomes in each of our clinics daily

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