The Challenge From Our Side

This is for the consideration of Governments, Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), healthcare management professionals in policy making and also organisations who are funding research to shape the future of healthcare services worldwide.

Based on the world's largest clinical experience and continuous Research to evolve Homeopathic treatment that works most of the time, we are ready to take up the challenge from any corner of the world: to prove that in a given population of say 10,000 people, if the total healthcare is delivered using our version of Homeopathy backed by the processes of healthcare service delivery, telemedicine, etc. the population would:

  • Live longer

  • Have a higher quality of life

  • Avoid surgery in at least 95% of cases

  • At the same time have the lowest per capita healthcare cost

(All of the above in comparison with the current state of the art treatment in conventional or other alternative medicines anywhere in the world.)

If you want to know more please send us an email with a description of your complete situations.